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Q&A: The Spiritual Heart

What is the difference between going high and going deep in meditation?

There is a great difference in the methods of meditation, although ultimately height and depth become one. When we want to go deep in meditation, we have to start our journey from the spiritual heart. We should feel that we are digging or travelling very deep into our heart. We are travelling inward, not backward or downward towards the feet. Below the knees the plane of inconscience starts. If we feel that we are going downward, then it is not spiritual depth we are getting but only the lower planes of consciousness. The spiritual heart is infinitely vast, so there is no limit to how deep we can go. We can never touch its boundaries, because the spiritual heart embodies the vast universe that we see, and at the same time it is larger and vaster than the universe.

When we want to go high in meditation, then we have to feel an upward direction in our meditation. Our aspiration is climbing, climbing fearlessly toward the Highest. We must pass through the thousand-petalled lotus at the top of the head. Again, the distance is infinitely vast. There is no end to our upward journey because we are travelling in Infinity. We are climbing toward the ever-transcending Beyond. In terms of distance, upward and inward are both infinite journeys toward one Goal, the Supreme.

We cannot go high by using the mind, however. We must pass through the mind, beyond the mind, and into the realm of the spiritual heart. The domain of the spiritual heart is infinitely higher and vaster than that of the highest mind. Far beyond the mind is the domain of the heart. The heart is boundless in every direction, so inside the heart is the highest height as well as the deepest depth.

The higher we can go, the deeper we can go. Again, the deeper we can go, the higher we can go. It works simultaneously. If we can meditate very powerfully, then we are bound to feel that we are going both very high and very deep. Height and depth go together, but they work in two different dimensions, so to speak. But if a person can go very high in his meditation, then he also has the capacity to go very deep.

Before we realise the Highest, we feel that there is a difference between height and depth. When we are climbing up we feel that we have reached a certain height, and when we are diving deep within, we feel that we have reached a certain depth. But height and depth are all in the mental consciousness. Once we go beyond the barrier of the mind and enter into the Universal Consciousness, we see everything as one and inseparable. At that time Reality is singing and dancing within us, and we become the Reality itself. It has no height, no depth, no length. It is all one and at the same time it is always transcending itself.