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Q&A: Feeling strong and inner peace

When meditating, inside I feel very strong and outside I feel very soft. But as I go deeper, I start expanding. What does that signify?

That is excellent. You feel strong inside because you are bringing down divine peace, light and bliss into your system. The more you consciously and devotedly bring down these divine forces, the stronger you become inwardly. And these blessings from above are helping you to expand your consciousness.

Outwardly you are feeling soft, but this is not actually softness. It is inner peace and inner confidence that are growing in your outer being. When you have boundless inner strength, you do not have to display it outwardly. You do not have to clench your fists. You are relaxed because your inner strength has given you confidence. You are like a divine hero. At any moment you know you can defeat your enemy or surmount any obstruction, so you are outwardly relaxed.

There is nothing is more powerful than peace.