Q&A: Seeing a living presence in everything

When I meditate, I see within and without that everything is alive and has millions of patterns. I see something like a living presence in everything. Could you comment on this?

Inside everything is God. And where God is present, life is bound to he present. Where there is life, there is God, and where there is God, there is life. Inside one thing you are seeing many varieties. The One is being expressed in many forms and many patterns. When you look at a lotus you see one flower, but it is expressed or manifested by many petals, and by leaves, the stem and other parts. In a lotus you see the manifestation of oneness through various forms. You touch one particular part of the lotus, the leaf, for example, and you say, "This is the lotus." Then you touch the stem, and again you say, "This is the lotus." God is there in all parts of the flower; that is why you feel that each part is the whole. God is present wherever life exists. God is endless in expression. He is endless in manifestation.