Q&A: The purity of God

I once had an experience in which I felt the purity of God and the power and Eternity of God, but then the feeling left me.

This was a gift of pure Grace. The Supreme, out of His infinite bounty, unconditionally offered His Grace to you. That is why this experience was possible. These things are not hallucinations. Spiritual Masters have a free access to these experiences, but seekers also can have them if they pray and meditate sincerely.

You got this experience because of God's Grace, but impurity did not allow you to keep it. Any spiritual wealth that you may have, no matter what kind it is, will be destroyed by impurity. Many people have good experiences on certain days, but the next day they indulge in lower vital life. Then all their higher experiences are destroyed. But if we refrain from enjoying vital life and emotional life, then our higher experiences grow. They grow and become very solid, like a banyan tree. So you have to be extremely careful not to indulge in the vital life if you want to retain the power of your highest experiences.