Tributes from sportsmen

Carl Sudhahota Lewis

Nine time Olympic gold medal winner, and spokesman for the Peace Run founded by Sri Chinmoy

“Sri Chinmoy always inspired me. He used to call me his outer coach in running but say he was my inner coach. I may have lost my student, but, though he has passed on physically, I know I have not lost my coach spiritually...His life was all about challenging yourself and being the best you can be. He told his disciples to go out and meet a challenge you don’t think you can do. He’s the reason I plan on running the New York marathon when I’m 50."

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Tatyana Sarbottama Lebedeva

Olympic champion in long jump, world champion and European champion in triple jump and in long jump.

We are grateful to the Supreme that in the course of life we met this man. Sri Chinmoy taught us to take correct decisions by listening to our hearts; he made us more spiritual. He is and will always be for us an inspirer, a wise Teacher, a worthy example. The intellectual and spiritual heritance that Sri Chinmoy has left us gives us an opportunity to continue perfecting ourselves endlessly.

Sarbottama Tatyana Lebedeva
Mahavikram Nikolai Matveyev (husband)
Hiyakanta (daughter)


Nikolay Valuyev

Former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion

"We are addressing everyone who knew, learned about and will learn about this Great man of Kindness, Sri Chinmoy. On Earth one more of her sons is no more, the one who embodied Kindness and Peace for humanity. We immensely grieve over this great loss, and the grief that our hearts experience cannot be expressed in words. As wise men have said, nothing and nobody is eternal under the Moon, but how would we wish that people like respected Sri Chinmoy would live and give us joy as long as possible..."

Tegla Loroupe

Two-time Marathon world record-holder and two-time New York City Marathon winner
United Nations Ambassador for Sport and Peace
President of the Tegla Loroupe Peace Foundation

“It was very sad to hear that Sri Chinmoy has passed away. Because Sri Chinmoy was man of peace and man of harmony among all the people of this world. We have really lost a great man. My condolences to all of you.
But remember, we all have to carry on Sri Chinmoy’s work for the betterment of the world.”

Alison Streeter

'Queen of the Channel' –Swum the English Channel 43 times; holder of the record for the most crossings.

“We have lost a great spiritual leader. The world is a poorer place without Sri Chinmoy. I am grateful he has left such a legacy of work and teachings with us and I am sure his spirit will continue to work through many of us.”

Kevin Murphy

'King of the Channel' – 34 successful swims across the English Channel
World Record Holder for Men, for most crossings of swimming the English Channel

"Jane and I were once "lifted" by Sri Chinmoy. Until it happened we weren't sure whether it was going to be a spiritual or a physical experience. In the event, in a strange sort of way, it was both. He was a little Indian man who despite his age and infirmity was able to physically lift both of us…it was uplifting spiritually. It showed what could be achieved by sheer act of will.
He obviously inspired so many people to achieve feats of sporting endurance way beyond the norm and experience fulfillment through those achievements.”

Jesper Olsen

First person to run around the world

“My big big condolences to all in the Sri Chinmoy community... (I) was fortunate to meet disciples and Sri Chinmoy during different occasions at World Run 1...(it) always made a deep impression to carry your warmth with me forward on the endless roads.”

Photo: Jesper holding Peace Run Torch

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