Peace Blossoms

Since 1986, many significant landmarks around the globe – from natural wonders to entire nations – have been dedicated to peace as part of the Sri Chinmoy Peace-Blossoms programme. The Peace-Blossoms family offers an opportunity for different communities to share in mankind's common quest for peace.

"What does peace do? Peace blossoms. What else? Peace spreads. What else? Peace illumines. What else? Peace fulfils."

- Sri Chinmoy 1

Each Peace-Blossom is established through the auspices of the governing local, state or national officials, and many are marked with an inspirational plaque.


The Taj Mahal, a Sri Chinmoy Peace-Blossom landmark


More than 150 nations have been dedicated to peace by national leaders as Sri Chinmoy Peace-Blossoms-Nations, joining over 900 landmarks, capitals and significant locations in this global policy project through which entities have reaffirmed their commitment to cooperation, dialogue and peace.

Sri Chinmoy Peace-Blossoms-Nations include Australia, Canada, India, Japan and South Africa. Landmarks dedicated as Sri Chinmoy Peace-Blossoms include Mt. Everest, the Matterhorn, Niagara Falls, the Taj Mahal and Lake Baikal.

A Selected List of Sri Chinmoy Peace-Blossoms Worldwide:

Sri Chinmoy Peace-Blossoms-Nations

  • 152 countries on all continents

Sri Chinmoy National Peace Capitals

  • Ottawa, Canada (6 Nov 92)
  • Oslo, Norway (25 Jun 97)
  • Canberra, Australia (16 Mar 93)
  • Reykjavík, Iceland (27 Jun 93)
  • Wellington, New Zealand (30 Jul 93)
  • Edinburgh, Scotland (25 Feb 94)
  • Cardiff, Wales (31 Jul 97)
  • Stockholm, Sweden  (Jun 98)
  • Guatemala City, Guatemala (8 Jan 98)
  • Suva, Fiji (8 Jan 94)
  • Bern, Switzerland (11 Nov 98)

Sri Chinmoy Peace Borders

  • The entire 200km border between Norway and Russia (21 Nov 93)
  • The border between Austria, Italy and Slovenia (12 Jun 94)

Sri Chinmoy Peace States

  • Thirteen American states, including Massachusetts (6 Apr 93); Connecticut (19 Apr 93); Florida (27 Apr 93);  North Carolina (5 May 93); New Jersey (9 Jul 93); Delaware (13 Apr 93); Rhode Island (23 Jul 93) and Washington (1 Aug 93)

Sri Chinmoy Peace Cities

  • More than 200 cities—Sydney (21 Mar 93), Melbourne (19 Mar 93), Australia; Bergen (30 Jul 93), Norway; Leeds (24 Oct 95), UK; Durban (23 Jan 96), Cape Town (23 Dec 95), South Africa; Philadelphia (4 Dec 92), Seattle (24 Jun 95), USA

Sri Chinmoy Peace Delta

  • The Mekong Delta (28 Dec 92), site of the most bitter fighting of the Viet Nam war.


The Severn-Wye Bridge dedicated as Sri Chinmoy Peace Bridge 15 Nov, 1991.


Natural Wonders

Sri Chinmoy Peace Falls

  • Niagara Falls (15 Apr 92), Canada
  • Victoria Falls (2 Jan 96), Zimbabwe

Sri Chinmoy Peace Mountains and Summit

  • Summit of Mt. Fuji (27 Jan 97), Japan
  • Ghenge Liru, 6581m (21 Dec 94), in the Himalayas of Nepal
  • the Matterhorn  (25 Jul 92), Switzerland
  • Mt. McKinley, USA
  • Khan Tengri, 6995m (15 Oct 96), Kyrgyzstan

Sri Chinmoy Peace Marine Park

  • The Great Barrier Marine Park (16 Jul 93), one of Seven Natural Wonders of the World

Sri Chinmoy Peace Lakes

  • Lake Baikal (10 Jul 94), the world’s deepest freshwater lake
  • Lake Zurich (2 Jul 97), Switzerland

Man-made Structures

  • The Sydney Opera House, Australia

Sri Chinmoy Peace Bridges

  • Sixteen bridges joining nations, including Sweden-Norway, Sweden-Finland, England-Wales, Switzerland-Austria, Belgium-France, Canada-USA, Mexico-USA, Belarus-Poland, Austria-Slovenia; Forth Bridge, Edinburgh

Sri Chinmoy Peace Airports

  • Intl. Airports of Geneva, Switzerland; Prague, Czech Republic; Harare, Zimbabwe; Cape Town, South Africa; Mactan-Cebu City, Philippines; Ngurah Rai, Bali

Sri Chinmoy Peace Stadium

  • Népstadion, Olympic-style athletic complex, Budapest, Hungary

Sri Chinmoy Peace Track

  • Robertson Stadium Track at the University of Houston




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