Tributes from weightlifters

Mahasamrat Bill Pearl and Bhavatarini Judy Pearl

5-Time Mr. Universe
Best-Built Man of the 20th Century

“Sri Chinmoy gave us so many lessons, so much encouragement and so much beauty. We must not let him down. We must strive for and achieve all the things he knew we were capable of. His life’s example demands it of us.
Guru gave his all at every moment and with everything he did. Guru never held back even one tiny drop. He gave everything he had.
Guru did not attempt; Guru did!
Now it is up to us to carry on with what Guru gave to us. It is up to us to spread Guru’s message and Guru’s teachings to the world. It is in our hands.
Guru’s weightlifting was extremely important to him and to the world; but it was a small part of all the things he did. Guru also had his paintings, his poetry, his music and so much more. I cannot put Guru in any one category. Guru outdid everybody in 15 different areas more than any one person had ever done in any one of those areas.
Guru, we will never forget you. We will always feel your positive force and love in our lives. But we will miss your sunlit smile very, very much. Guru, we just love you!”


Sri Chinmoy lifts Mahasamrat Bill Pearl and Bhavatarini Judy Pearl on a seated calf raise platform

Frank Zane

3-Time Mr. Olympia and 3-Time Mr. Universe

“In the 20 years I have known Guru, he became a role model for me. He inspired and encouraged me in music; it helped me develop my soul he told me. His mastery of many different musical instruments motivated me to learn as many as I could as well…
Guru devoted his life to setting an example of self-transcendence for others. He gave his life to lifting up the world literally and metaphorically. His dedication and enthusiasm for his lifting was contagious—the last time we spoke, I was overwhelmed at his excitement about his lifting, always working to lift more and more over the years. It made me want to train harder.
Sri Chinmoy set the bar very high; his standard of excellence shined in all his endeavors: millions of bird drawings, mega-tons of weight lifted, thousands of books written, his musical prowess, his instruction of thousands in meditation and singing. The example he lived will not be forgotten…
Sri Chinmoy will live in my heart and mind for the rest of my life and beyond.”

Wayne DeMilia

Vice President, International Federation of Body Builders
Chief Judge, Mr. Olympia, Bodybuilding’s premier contest

You taught us how to live
You taught us how to love
You taught us how to listen
You taught us how to see
You taught us how to help

You touched our eyes
You touched our ears
You touched our heart
You touched our soul
You touched our mind

Your work here is done
Time for us to show what we have learned
Time for us to touch others

You are needed in another place
I will miss you, my friend...
I will miss you...

Your friend always, Wayne DeMilia.

Hugo Girard

IFSA Super-series World Champion Strongman

Dear Friend Guru,
I met Guru last year during a nice weekend in his beloved oasis, I felt like meeting a old friend then I realize how at ease I was in his presence and how peaceful I felt too. Of course I knew of his work and his accomplishment but it all became clear to me that he was no ordinary person and that our meeting wasn’t an accident too. Meeting was a great experience that changes our life helping us to see life from another perspective and definitely made us better people.
My heart is filling with sadness today but the seeds that you plant shall grow up and help make this world a better place for all of us.
Your friend, Hugo Girard

Dan Lurie

Winner of America’s Most Muscular Man contest three years in a row
Trainer of Champions

“Sri Chinmoy and I have been friends for over 30 years. He was a man of great strength and character… Even as a world record-holder myself, I was constantly amazed by the strength of Sri Chinmoy... Over the years, I always was astounded at his accomplishments... I was touched when Sri Chinmoy wrote a song in my honour, and he sent me a videotape of his group performing it for me. It is a gift I will always treasure.
“The Sri Chinmoy I have come to know was a man of peace and love, and his passing is a terrible loss to the entire world.”

Mike Katz

Mr. Universe, Mr. America, Educator
Co-star of the classic bodybuilding movie, Pumping Iron

“Sri Chinmoy would want us to go on and continue everything he taught us; and that is what I will continue to do. My heart and soul and prayers and the love and peace and everything that I have been taught by Guru needs to find a way to deal with this untimely loss.
I will never, ever forget, and I will try to live up to everything that Guru stood for.”

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