Tributes from musicians

ravi shankarRavi Shankar

Legendary Sitar Virtuoso

“It is such a shock and I cannot believe that brother Chinmoy is gone and that we would not see or hear him anymore. He had so much love for everyone. I am going to miss him always. I wish his soul to find ultimate peace in Heaven”

Purushottama Boris Grebenshikov and Bhuvaneshwari Grebenshikov

Legendary Russian Singer, Musician and Songwriter

“Guru was speaking the language of light to our uncertain hearts; like a bird from God’s own garden, following the law of the Sun in the world of twilight.”


Narada Michael Walden

Multiple Grammy Award Winner, Producer, Drummer, Singer and Songwriter

“Guru Sri Chinmoy was the God man of All God men...He lived and breathed for the Supreme every time All the Time....He will be missed, His energy phenomenal. His promise of love, devotion and Surrender the best...We wish all God Lover's to pause and reflect on the Heart love of the Good and Great Man Guru Sri Chinmoy...There Will Be no More Like Him...We must cherish his existence every day all day till the end of time with a smile of love and heart of cries and a life of Devotion to God...Eternally we will miss you Guru, Love Your Narada Michael Walden”

Mokshagun Clarence Clemons

Numero uno saxophonist and hit record artist

“Goodbye Guru from this earth. Thank you for being with me always and forever.”


Roberta Flack

Six-time Grammy Award winner

“I loved Sri Chinmoy. I love Sri Chinmoy. My whole life changed when I met him and I thank the whole world for that.”


Philip Glass

Renowned American Composer

“The passing of Sri Chinmoy represents the loss of one of the last of the great spiritual teachers who brought the tradition of Indian spirituality to the West.

He had a very special connection to music. In his performances, with clarity, simplicity and directness, he was able to move his listeners in a very immediate and deeply emotional way.

In his lifetime he brought tremendous joy to the people who were with him. For me, his life was a special and personal inspiration.

Though at this moment we may feel great sadness, he will always be in our hearts.”

Quincy Jones

Legendary music producer and humanitarian

“I don't have words to express my sadness. Sri’s spirit will always be with us all. I just thank the higher power to have briefly had him and you in my life. Men like Sri Chinmoy were all too rare in this world. In fact, Sri Chinmoy was truly one-of-a-kind. I was, am and will always be his biggest fan, for he understood what truly matters most in life: and that is love. His love could fill an ocean. I join the many people touched by this man and pray that his message will touch many more. Sri, we love you, and we miss you.”

Mahavishnu John McLaughlin

Legendary guitarist and creator of the Mahavishnu Orchestra

“Finding one’s way in life is difficult even in the best of times. The presence of inspiring human beings is the surest way of receiving help and guidance in these matters. Five years of my life were spent under the direct tutelege of Sri Chinmoy. There are but a few real and true human beings to whom I will never ever be able to repay my debt of gratitude. The principle reason for this is that they have transcended the merely human and attained the All. Sri Chinmoy is one of these human beings. My gratitude to him will remain forever endless."

The Mongolian Union of Artists

“The Mongolian Union of Artists on behalf of all Mongolian artists is deeply mourning the passing away of our respected teacher Sri Chinmoy.

He was an enlightened living god, who had earned worldwide respect and adoration, inspiring, encouraging and energizing millions with light and happiness.

Last May during the visit of our Guru Sri Chinmoy to Mongolia at the invitation of the President of Mongolia, the exhibition of his incredible artworks at the gallery of Mongolian Artists’ Union, the musical performance and the lifting of 50 white horses gave immense joy to the minds and hearts of Mongolians.

He delivered the essence of his noble teaching of enlightenment during the visit. He awarded the President with the U Thant Peace Award.

Though thou art in eternal heaven now, May thee continue be with us in spirit and thy living presence glow among us, O enlightened Teacher and living god Sri Chinmoy.”

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