Tributes from Academics and Nobel prize winners

Professor Nils Göran David Malmqvist

Member of the Swedish Academy, Nobel Literature Prize
Literary Historian, Sinologist and Translator

“Greatly saddened by the news of Sri Chinmoy's death I should be grateful if you would convey my most sincere condolences to all devoted friends and followers who will gather from all corners of the world to do homage to the memory of a truly great man.”

Gao Xingjian

Nobel Literature Laureate 2000, Renowned Artist

“The news of Sri Chinmoy’s death came to me as a shock, and I am greatly saddened. His life was devoted to humanity and salvation, and he was revered by tens of thousands for his important contribution to world peace. It is with profound grief that I mourn his passing.”

13 October 2007, Paris

Dr. Mabel Lee

Scholar in modern Chinese history and literature University of Sydney, Australia

“Sri Chinmoy has been an inspiration and blessing with his resounding message of love, peace, and humanity for the world. Having recently been touched by the magic of his teaching and his personal aura, I join with all of you in mourning his sudden departure. And, yet, he has left an indelible trace in the lives of all who have known him.”

Professor James G. Basker

Richard Gilder Professor of Literary History, Barnard College, Columbia University
President, Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

“We as a family are saddened by the death of Sri Chinmoy. With his passing, the world is poorer. But his spirit of peace, beauty, and creativity lives on. Angela and the girls and I will never forget our time with him and with all of you. We are forever grateful, and feel blessed to have known him. We pray that the peace and fulfillment he nurtured and spread among so many people across the world will continue to grow and flourish. Our hearts are with you.”

Professor Dr. Franz Wöhrer

English Department, University of Vienna

“Sri Chinmoy has left a big legacy behind - and I am confident that his massive oeuvre and his philosophy will continue to live thanks to the large number of devotees world-wide. ...and his memory will be treasured until the end of my life.”

Professor Philip Almond

Fellow of the Academy of the Humanities
Head of School, Department of Studies in Religion, School of History, Philosophy, Classics. University of Queensland, Australia

“Few are those as a result of whose lives the world is a better place for their having been in it. Sri Chinmoy was undoubtedly one of these. He will be greatly missed by all those who value compassion, love, and mindfulness.”

Professor Dr. Ali Riza Buyukuslu

Rector, European University of Lefke, North Cyprus

“It is very peculiar the way we believe that people like Sri Chinmoy will live forever. This is probably what we would like ourselves to believe. Our world feels so much safer and more peaceful with people like Sri Chinmoy around us.
However, without a doubt, I truly believe that Sri Chinmoy has completed his share of humanism and it is now our turn to hold the torch of harmony to follow the footsteps of what he has created.”

Kommerzialrat Prof. Alfred Gerstl

Ret. President of the Austrian Federal Council

“I thank Providence for meeting Sri Chinmoy, this extraordinary personality. His manifold activities and his incredible feats of strength he achieved by virtue of his mental power are guided by the goal of promoting the peaceful coexistence of humankind. Sri Chinmoy’s demise leaves us with the responsibility to continue his commendable work.”

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